Live bets on cryptocurrency during the match in the USA

Live sports betting: we make bets online

Live sports betting is used by both beginners and experienced bettors. The player places a live bet during the match, which is very convenient. In this article, you will learn what LIVE bets mean and how to use them.

Live betting highlights and features

The difference between a live bet and a prematch is the sharp jumps in the odds and types of outcomes. The values of the coefficients change during the match and depend on the current situation in the game, the score or the amount of time remaining. If a certain time is allocated for the competition by the regulations, and the course of the game remains unchanged, the quotes change by seconds, minutes, hours.

What can you bet on live

The types of bets in live are the same as in the prematch: single, express and systems. The only difference is that the coefficients change much more rapidly. Without quick action, the player runs the risk of not having time to collect the coupon with the selected values. Problems with making a decision turn around for the bettor the loss of the desired outcome or a decrease in the odds. For example, in dynamic sports like table tennis, basketball and others. The account does not stand still, and the coefficient in the coupon changes in proportion to the changes in the game. Acceptance of a bet in a bookmaker often takes more than a few seconds, the values ​​of the selected outcome change, which interferes with the conclusion of a bet.

Rules for calculating live sports betting

The bookmaker reserves the right to cancel the placed bet and calculate using the coefficient 1. That is, to return the full value of the bet. Study the conditions of the game and the rules of the office.

If the company suspects a contractual nature of the event or the meeting does not end for any reason, the bookmaker has the right to calculate the bet made with a coefficient of 1. Such cases are not uncommon.

For example, a post-smoker runs the risk of this. This is a player who finds and uses bookmaker errors in live betting. The point of the game is that the afterglower works to stay ahead of the offices. For example, a player is on the podium and “watches” the necessary event to place a bet before the bookmaker freezes the line. Bookmakers insure themselves and block bets during a dangerous moment. But often bookmakers do not work as synchronously with the event. Bookmakers do not like aftergaters and carefully track them, checking suspicious bets. If a player systematically wins through a fraudulent system, then sanctions will be applied against him – blocking the account or understating the maximums.

Pros and cons of live betting

Each betting system has its positive and negative sides, but in most cases they are individual. Let’s try to give a few reasons for and against the conclusion of a live bet. And here are the main benefits:

a chance to wait for the odds on the desired outcome to increase significantly. For example, in the prematch for the total of the required hockey team, the quote is 1.3-1.4, which does not suit the bettor. In live mode, the player plans to increase the coefficient to 2. After about a third of the game, provided that the team is left without goals, a bet is made on the desired value;
there is a chance to catch a profitable odds for the favorite to win if he misses an early goal. So, before the match, Chelsea’s victory comes with a coefficient of 1.3. If the favorite misses, then you can bet on his victory with an increased odds or insure himself with a handicap (0) or a double chance;
having made a bet with a large amount on the coefficient 2+ in live, you can hedge your choice by making a bet on the opposite value. It turns out a “fork”. In this situation, if the safety net is successful, the only drawback is the insignificant amount of the winnings. It is one thing when a player bets on the value 2+ and multiplies the value of the bet, and another thing when he withdraws a small percentage.

Cons of live bets:

  • excellent analysts work in the bookmaker. If the office puts too high a coefficient in live, this is not only a chance to hit the jackpot, but also to fall into a pre-prepared trap.
  • while waiting for the total to increase in the match, the player runs the risk of missing the bet if the team starts to score before the odds reach the required mark.
  • no one guarantees a comeback of a favorite if he conceded an early goal.