Sports betting strategies in the USA bookmaker

Americans are no less reckless than, say, the British. After all, a considerable part of their population are descendants of colonists from Great Britain. Las Vegas, this Mecca of gambling, only confirms the above. Ordinary Americans go to Nevada as if on vacation, realizing that they will leave a lot of money there. The huge gambling market is languishing underneath.

Bookmakers are prohibited

In the United States, sports are considered no less than a national treasure. The leading players of the national championships are known all over the world. The NHL is the best hockey league in the world, the NBA is a cut above any basketball rally in the world, boxing in the USA is a cult sport, fighters from all over the world are striving to the rings of America, American football and baseball, little understood in Europe, have a huge influence.


But it is forbidden to bet on the outcomes of all these, of course, exciting events. Moreover, agencies specially organized for this are even fighting against bookmakers. But the state fails to keep the emotional impulses of its citizens fully.

Why banned

The America of the 1930s is still alive in the memory, when the mafia controlled the underground betting, which affected the purity of sports, primarily boxing. The big bosses of American sports leagues don’t want a spot of suspicion to fall on the reputation of their brainchildren. They are afraid that a great interest in sports will grow into a great interest in betting, hence from the vacuum of today there will be a lot of bettors’ money, some of which may go to the organization of match fixing. Nobody wants to criminalize sports, but the UK has dealt with it.

What US Betting Advisors Say

They hit the weakest point of any US citizen – his wallet. Profit is the key word for getting the real American ready. This is national for them. Sports betting advocates are luring state and federal governments with huge profits that will flow in taxes to the budget. They cite as an example the same Britain, where billions of pounds enrich the state annually on the passions of their citizens for the game.

The second reason, which those who advocate the legalization of bookmakers do not hesitate to talk about, is the fight against shadow betting. The battle with him is going on with varying success, but still millions of dollars are spent in front of local budgets in the pockets of unknown hustlers.

Meanwhile, the Americans are ready to play

A country of 330 million inhabitants can bring untold revenues to its budget. British gamblers spend nearly $ 18 billion a year on gambling, but the UK population is more than five times smaller. Players in the states could spend up to one hundred billion dollars without releasing this raging stream abroad and into the economic shadow.


Online betting in the USA

Naturally, no agency can set the boundaries for the Internet. The Internet provoked an unprecedented growth in online betting, the Americans, yearning for the game, immediately began to look for access to foreign offices that provide services on the network.

But still, the Americans themselves are engaged in organizing rates. You can’t in the states – you can open an office somewhere in Bermuda. The main thing is to get a license, which is some kind of guarantee that the bookmaker will not cheat. For the US government, the main problem that online betting poses is the outflow of colossal sums abroad and the fact that respectable Yankees are recklessly breaking the law.