The Art of Sports Betting: A Beginner’s Guide

“Is it possible to win in sports betting?” – this question is of interest to most of those who have recently started or just want to start playing in bookmakers. Some people ask search engines something like “How to get rich on bets” or “How to make money on bets”. This article contains a few answers and advice from people who are familiar with the game in bookmakers firsthand.

Let’s say right off the bat: a beginner player should first of all understand the main concepts, and only later be interested in “currency” issues. Yes, it is possible to win in sports betting, but correct goals and correct knowledge are of great importance. We strongly advise you to start right!

What is sports betting like?

Sports betting is a mental bet between a gambler and a bookmaker: the gambler makes his own prediction for a sporting event and places funds on the fact that this prediction will be correct. If the bet is correct, he returns these funds for himself with a profit, if he loses, he loses them.

For each bet, the bookmaker assigns an indicator (quote), which assesses the possibility of this action. Russian bookmakers use European indicators displayed as a decimal fraction. If the bet is successful (the player’s forecast turned out to be correct), the amount that was placed is multiplied by the indicator suggested by the bookmaker – this is the amount of the payment due for a successful bet.

The size of the bet multiplied by its indicator is the exact amount the bookmaker pays out to the player if his bet is won. Only the amount of income is called a spotless win: the amount of the bet made is deducted from the amount of the payment.

The bookmaker’s prices can change both under the influence of the number and size of bets made on this event, and because of a decrease / increase in its probability. Experienced players also call the indicator the “price” of the proposed action: everyone can either choose a bet at the proposed cost, or abandon if he considers it wrong.

Can you win in sports betting?

Naturally, you can win in sports betting. To make sure of this, it is worth looking, for example, the rating of Legalbet forecasters, which reflects the success or failure of the forecasts of each professional and handicapper of our website on a long-term basis. Statistics are kept openly, and therefore on the rating page you can see that not many people manage to make clear predictions and choose winning bets. However, all forecasters, without exception, are unsurpassed in the sport for which they make forecasts.

Good knowledge of sports does not guarantee constant wins. In general, we note: nothing guarantees constant winnings. And yet, the game can be successful. Subject to several basic criteria.